Sage Intacct two Webinar pages Redesign

Sage Intacct Home Page

They are the new webinar pages redesign. Comparing to the old home page, the new homepage coufus on the industries and point on the audience very strict.

Idea Concept

The purpose of redesign the webinars pages is to make the webinars pages more user-friendly and try to help users to target their interested webinars quickly and directly.


Number of Pages:
2 page

Publish Date:
May, 2019


Visual Design

Sage Intacct upcoming Live Webinars Page and Upcoming Product Tours Page 2019 - Responsive Websites

Sage Intacct Upcoming Product Tours Page 2019

New Upcoming Product Tours Page Redesign Strategy

Upcoming Webinars Page - Old Version

Sage Intacct old webinar page 2018

Upcoming Webinars Page - New Version

Sage Intacct new webinar Page 2019

Why do those changes in the page?


Add a top banner image and remove the closest webinar to the top with an automatic update function


Change the meaningless image to industry focus icons and replace the text link to the button CTA


Remove the duplicated current page link and switch it to the prevalent Coffee Break Demo link


Change the old version product mockup to the new version and add one more "Contact Us" CTA


Update the Footer links to reduce the links of the main navigation and add the subscription CTA

Designed and implemented new webinar pages which
resulted in 400% increase in web traffic in 2 months